There are some stupid people around, thats for sure.

I let my pet out on a daily basis, just to get some fresh air. How unfortunate these stupid people are when they leave and have there dog run loose. This is what happens. More grief for me. Lets say, I was not happy. Had to call the Walworth County dispatch. Not many people have seen me so furious in the past. Spoke with the women at the Sheriffs dispatch, and asked to meet with my Towns Police Dept. Not long after that, the young officer was banging at my door.

He tried to call the dog over, and kept asking me if I knew were the dog lives.

"Sorry Mr. B..." he says, not much I can do for you. If you like, and you can apprehend the dog, please bring to the PD, and I will put it in a cage. Not luck catching it on my part. Dam, I just wanted to get the tag number off the dog. As such, to issue at violation summons. Then, I could of pursued this matter further.

Ahh, maybe next time I can snare this dog.