This writer catches car burglar

Update 11/23/2007

Ok, once again, I find myself in mess. Due to my due diligent. If I don't have enough on my plate.

Early Friday morning something told me to get up. And no it was not my cat waking me to feed her.  So that's what I did, I got out of bed.

What I usually do first, is look out the west side front room window. Why you might ask?  Not sure, maybe cause I'm noisy, the clock showed 5:13 AM CST. It was still dark out.

As I looked out the window I noticed someone leaning over by one neighbors car. I believe the neighbors name is Andrew or Justin, or whatever. Seemed odd that he would be looking in his car that early, and then he started walking south  across the street between my other neighbors Terry and Jeanie. 

I waited a few minutes to think about what just happened. I then decided to call it in to the Walworth County Sheriff Department. Which in turn notifies my township police department. [Bloomfield Police Department]. Didn't take them long to come out. I gave dispatch the direction in which the suspect was heading. As soon as the first squad arrived, the officer got out and checked this kids car and turned around and walked across the street with his flashlight casting a long beam along freshly fallen snow. Foot prints had formed were the suspect had walked. I watched as the officer followed the shoe prints and disappeared behind the houses.

Over an hour passes and I receive a phone call from Officer Seeburg. He was asking me more questions about exactly what I witnessed. I told him it was a male about five feet ten inches in height. He was wearing a dark jacket. Officer Seeburg then asked me if I had seen him carrying anything. "No, I did not"  was my answer. 

He informed me that he had followed the shoe prints to a house. And after much resistance, finally someone answered the door. Of course the guy denied any involvement. Even though the officer noticed the shoe's where wet. 

Two hours now have gone by.  Now I see two county sheriff's deputy's investigating the shoe impressions and taking picture's . Looks like this is turning out to be bigger then I thought. More time passes and then  I see Investigator Lori out with her camera and a ruler taking more picture's.

Now all there is to do is wait. I'm sure the county DA will be calling me to give statement.

They caught the guy. 

I knew who it could be. As it turned out it was who I thought it was.

Just goes to show you. Criminals are not very smart.