Posting of some observations and commentaries that have to do with our little place on this planet. So check back often.

Today’s commentary 7/16/2009:

  • Text messaging and driving.
  • Driving while talking on your cell phone is dangerous enough, let alone trying text someone. It may be a good idea to pull over onto the side of the road.
    Last night, as I was doing my nightly cruise along the Township roads. I met head on with a young woman who was driving and doing just that. Text messaging while driving on the left side of the road!. She just happen to look up at the last minute and swerve back into to her lane.. To late, I seen her, and ran off the road onto the grass to avoid becoming her new hood ornament. The surprised look on her face. Not to mention mine.
    Please pay attention while driving our Township roads.
    Luckily I came out of this incident unscathed. And I did not become another Ghost Rider. One fatality last year is one to many.
    Not a year has past, when 13 year old Troy R. Kozbiel was struck and killed at the corner (s) of Hillside Road and Park and Greenview roads. Every night, I pass his white ghost bike, perched against the street sign. I say a little prayer for him. Read more on this here.
    Happy trails my young friend.
    Till next time…..


  • You call yourself a dog lover?
  • Sure, everyone’s a dog lover to some degree.
    I’m not writing this about dogs per se, This commentary is about dog owners who calm to be lovers.
    A lot of family’s in Pell Lake and the Township have pets. Myself included.
    I would like to talk about certain dog owners who feel that using another person property as their own personal dumping ground . What I’m saying is this, If your dog (s) want to shit on someone’s lawn , I have no problem with it. The issue’s arise when you refuse to clean up after the animal. I’m sure you wouldn’t want me to come over on your lawn and take a shit. Do you?
    Please do us all a favor and pick up after your pet.
    I’ve come to learn it’s best not to say anything to these inconsiderate and just plan ignorant dog owners. Notify the police department and file a complaint. It’s your right, as a taxpayer and property owner. Do not think, as I did, that such a complaint is trivial. It is not. It is the job of the Town of Bloomfield Police Department to serve and protect.
    Wishing you well.
    Till next time…