Some where, Wi. Friday March 6, 2009 (14:28) Biker gets T-boned by car.

The temperature finally reaches above 65 degrees (18 C). With these warmer climes, out come all the motorcycles. Waiting all Winter I’m sure, for just this type of day.

May have been a good day to take the old bike out for a ride. Unless, you were this one hapless fellow who crossed paths with a 2000 pound vehicle.

Driving west on State Highway 00 and coming up to Bradley Rd. The speed limit on this stretch of road is only 25 MPH. In front of me, I can see this motorcycle traveling at least XX MPH over the speed limit. I also notice this women coming Eastbound on Hwy 00, also nearing Bradley Rd. She slowed down, and was going to attempt a left hand turn on to this street.

Needless to say, She made the left turn right in front of this biker. BOOM! And crunch was the sound I heard. Motorcycle makes contact on front passenger side of this women’s car. Talk about making a dead stop. I thought for sure this guy on his bike would fly over the hood of the car. Such was not the case. He must of turned his body and the bike to the right , and smacked his body into the passenger side door. Ouch. Flat on his back, laying there. This time around, I did not jump out and render aid. Beside, others standing around were there to help him. He was out cold to say the least.

I slowly maneuvered my truck around this bloody mess and continued on my way to the financial institution.

After taking care of my business, I turned and started heading back East on Hwy 00. Once again I’m back at the scene . By this time Rescue had arrived and the biker was up and walking around. Good for him. His custom Harley did not fair as well. Mangled steel and plastic parts was all that was left.

The women driver of the car was visibly shaken by this. No shit, nothing like having a biker smack into the side of your car on a lovely Friday afternoon.

Some of you may recall that this not the first time I witnessed a car vs. bike accident. Or, wrecked a bike myself, in younger years.

I think a lot of us have heard the old expression “History repeats it self” For this writer, seems to be true. Almost 30 years to the exact same day, and somewhat similar circumstances. Hopefully certain other aspects of my life will not repeat themselves.