After a long Winter, the weather finally breaks. The temperature on this day reached above 70 degrees (20C).

So, what comes next? Well, if your like anybody and everybody. You reach for a rake, and start raking. In my case this should not have been a problem. 

Raking died leaves and brush not exactly very mind stimulating. I continued to rake in front of the old homestead. 

Next thing I know, I'm standing 3 feet (1 meter) below the surface of ground level. I have fallen into a somewhat large sink hole. Good thing there was a rock embedded around this hole. After extricating myself out of this hole, I ran to get a shovel to poke around this emerging hole to see how deep it went. Boy, it was deep, and I was lucky not to fall any deeper.

After about nine years, when this "dry well" should have been properly filled in. Water must have undermined the dirt and sand, which caused this sink hole.

Time now to transfer some dirt from somewhere on property to fill this emerging hole. Would be a tragedy if a small child fell into this. Or a small animal, for that matter.

Check back soon, for more interesting stories.        

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