Pell Lake, Town of Bloomfield, WI. 08:52 8/9/2009

Certain areas of Pell Lake were without power for up to 7 hours on Sunday. On what could have been the warmest day of the year so far.

This scribe happened upon the scene of a small pickup truck versus a main electrical transmission pole. The pole lost. It was sheared off completely at the bottom, and was dangling precariously in mid-air.

Town of Bloomfield Police were just arriving at the scene. The female officer immediately secured the area around this accident. Live wires were strewn dangerously near the ground.

It was quite obvious that she would need more assistants with blocking off the area.

The following are from sources, and are unconfirmed as to what may have been the real cause.

It is believed that this accident happened as the driver of the small truck was making a left hand turn from Clover road onto Highland Blvd. The driver may have been trying to avoid a pedestrian. who was jogging along at the time. Both the driver and the pedestrian seemed not to be injured.

Alliant Energy arrived within 2 hours of being dispatched. The very large pole needed to be completely replaced. Three to four hours after going dark, certain area's of Pell Lake had power restored. A reroute by the Alliant Energy. While a good many residents had to wait till 4 PM before the power was completely restored.

Picture's from the scene

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